Why Shortex

Shortex is the only investment newsletter of its kind. Try it!

Shortex has been providing investors stock positions for over 30 years in order to control the market. Unlike other market letters generating bulging selections each Shortex issue features meticulously narrowed down 7 long and 7 short recommendations. Complete with specific well-researched, actionable summations and easy to adapt buying, holding and selling ranges.

Shortex is well-known for its accurate forecasting & market-timing strategies,  objectivity, honesty, and experience. Thus, being respected by both media and private investors alike.

Shortex was founded by Joseph Parnes, President of Technomart Investment Advisors, based on his unique investment strategy which uses short positions to augment long-term growth. Joseph has provided his expertise on shorts to the Bank of England’s Financial Law Committee and regularly presented in a variety of financial media outlets including Forbes, CNBC, Fox and Barron’s.